Brickwork is only

4% of the cost

but huge

70% of the overall external appearance

of your property
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Welcome to Match It

With over 25 years of experience within the building materials industry Match It lives for bricks, our passion for the perfect match has seen us provide our service on many prestigious projects which include:

  • Royal Palace Buildings
  • Hotel and Schools
  • Listed Properties
  • Planning Committees and Conservation Trusts
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Commercial Offices and Retail Stores

However, our main market area is residential extension projects which achieve a high level of added value; our ultimate aim is the creation of synergy between existing and new. Using the service that Match It can provide, will give you the maximum return possible on your investment. Your completed project will stand out from the rest for all of the right reasons.

If you are extending or improving your property and want to add value as well as space, it is essential that you pay attention to detail and blend the new brickwork with your existing property.

Match It was formed in 2004 due to a gap in the market to provide a professional Quality Service built to focus on Customer Satisfaction.

Kitchens can be changed but bricks are set in mortar, time and effort spent now will add value later.

Can you afford not to MATCH-IT!?!

This is where Match It can help…

  • We will visit your project to discuss your specific needs
  • We take digital images of your existing brickwork
  • Where possible we will take an existing brick away
  • We will select from our library of over 2000 in stock sample panels an appropriate match
  • We will return this free sample to your project within 48 hours
  • 95% of all samples submitted will be readily available within 3 days of approval

So, why choose Match It?

In our experience clients spend an average of up to six months selecting and designing kitchens and bathrooms for their project, but often delegate the choice of bricks to the contractor, who more often than not will seek the more cost effective option rather than a match that will compliment your property. After all, a kitchen or bathroom can be replaced, but bricks and mortar are there for life. Here’s a thought for you…….brickwork is 4% of the cost but 70% of the overall external appearance of your property.